Steirische Tierkörperverwertung

We collect, transport and recycle animal raw materials, such as animal bodies, animal body parts and animal products. Therefore we adhere to strict separation of the different raw material categories. We only process raw materials from category 3 in our operation.


Materials from category 1 and 2 are further transported for rendering and processing to Burgenländische Tierkörperverwertung (Burgenland rendering). Due to prompt collection, treatment and safe recycling of animal by-products we are an important instrument in preventing epidemics and in this way guarantee the high hygienic standard in Austria. This is not only a health factor, rather also of great significance for the economy. Our main concerns are satisfying individual customer requirements and being a contact for quick and clean disposal of animal waste products. In adherence with all legal requirements and environmental obligations as well as hygiene regulations, we carry out disposals for districts, operations, industry, trade and farmers.