Steirische Steirische Tierkörperverwertung


ACTIVE –in house environmental protection

For many years Steirische TKV has been placing a great deal of importance on a clean, liveable environment, because it ensures the future of subsequent generations.

Exhaust air purification

With fully biological exhaust air purification, which has been in operation since 1990, we can completely forego the use of chemicals.
This principle of this exhaust air purification is as simple as it is ingenious.
The filter area of both bio beds is 1800 m².
The filter material consists of a mixture of fibrous peat and coconut fibre.

Waste water purification


The strict legal requirements made an extensive expansion of our in house sewage works necessary. This plant, which was started up in autumn 2001, is set up for 75,000 IV (inhabitant value), which corresponds to the waste water volume of a town with 75,000 inhabitants. This expansion ensures that the valid limit values of the waste water emission act for animal rendering are adhered to.

Labor TKV Waste water analyses are carried out on a daily basis by our in house laboratory. Due to continuous checking of the emission values of the water surveillance, it is confirmed that all limit values are adhered to. The operation, supervision and start up of the extensive plants are carried out by our own, excellently trained personnel, 365 days (!) a year.
Kläranlage TKV With the newest technology in the sewage plant sector, our company makes a significant contribution to active environmental protection on a daily basis.