Steirische Tierkörperverwertung

As a private company ST. TKV disposes of animal by-products both from the slaughter and dismantling industry and commercial meat processing plants, trade, districts and farmers. Furthermore ST. TKV takes on epidemic hygiene and epidemic safety services on behalf of the region of Styria.

The legal framework of our activity is based on the EU act 1774/2002, the EU act 999/2001 and the subsequent regulations derived from this. The key of these regulations is the division of all animal by-products into three categories.
Due to the legal requirements the recycling of products made from animal raw materials is only possible in accordance with the categorisation. At ST. TKV only products from animal raw materials from category 3 are processed and marketed. (pet-food, fertiliser, chemical industry).

Gesetzliche Grundlagen TKV

Raw materials from category 1 and 2 are exclusively transported to Burgenländische Tierkörperverwertung GmbH & Co KG (Burgenland rendering), and are processed and submitted for thermal recycling there. Adherence to the specifications is continuously checked by the veterinary authorities and the EU commission. Our operation is certified in accordance with ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, HACCP and GMP+, whereby the correct and best possible environmentally compatible processing is ensured.

With our plants and processes we ensure a hygienic, ecological and cost optimised treatment of by-products and therefore fulfil public needs such as food safety, sustainability, environmental protection and epidemic protection.