Steirische Tierkörperverwertung

Logistik TKV


EDV Technologie

The whole of Styria is relieved of fallen stock on work days with 9 collection wagons, to keep the environment clean and protect people and animals against epidemics. Every day we receive up to 400 livestock collection notifications at the logistic centre of ST. TKV, which after answering the telephone are processed with the most modern IT technology (incl. dynamic route optimisation and provision of routes to districts). Finally the tasks are passed on to the responsible driver using GPRS.

Tourplan The tour collection by ST. TKV is a special service for all Styrian districts, commercial meat operations, food markets and farmers. Hereby the slaughter bins (240 litre PVC bins) stored in cooling boxes, are emptied using special vehicles. The collection points are provided on an optimised tour plan and are driven to up to 2x a week.
TKV A great logistical challenge is the „just in sequence“ disposal of slaughter waste for commercial operations and in the food industry. We use approx. 130 containers, 11 container vehicles and 12 trailers for reliable waste disposal for slaughter houses.