Steirische Steirische Tierkörperverwertung
individual animal pickup
environmental protection
legal principle

We are a privately managed special company and our purpose is the disposal, preparation and recycling of animal by-products pro.


Historical overview

1942 Founding of a rendering plant at the current location in Landscha.
At the time the quantity of raw materials disposed of was approx. 500 tonnes per year.
1972 The operation was sold to a private entrepreneur and „Steirische Tierkörperverwertungsges.m.b.H.“ (Styrian rendering company) was founded.
1979 All company shares were purchased by „Agrosserta“.
1990 Transfer of company shares to the newly founded „AMF Austria Milch- und Fleischvermarktung reg.Gen.m.b.H.“ (Austria milk and meat marketing)
In 1990 already 85,000 tonnes of raw material were disposed of.
1999 Change of name from AMF to Vivatis Holding AG. Steirische TKV
is a 100% subsidiary company of Vivatis Holding AG.
In 1999 110,000 tonnes of raw material were disposed of.
2008 In 2008 the quantity disposed of was 161,000 tonnes.